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In case anyone happens to be looking, I did make a little something and wanted to share that with everyone here.
I brought force feedback to SAMCO. (Based on Prow's work, just with my own additions and slight tweaks)

Currently, the gun being demo'd is having some EMI interference/disconnection issues so I couldn't demo as much as I'd like, but I'm redoing the wiring on my setup since it's using very low quality cables so it should be more stable on bigger gun builds. I just wanted to make something to close the gap on GUN4IR, and partially for my own enjoyment because of how much I loved the system made. I hope y'all won't mind?

Nice work on both the software updates and the gun build!

Very nice!!! Keep up the good work man :)


--- Quote from: RandyT on October 30, 2023, 04:19:11 pm ---Nice work on both the software updates and the gun build!

--- End quote ---
Thanks! Though it's definitely a build that looks better on the outside than in, and is kind of disgusting when you see the rats nest of cables...

You'd be surprised how tight everything was in this particular shell--and I had to design the mounts (and a fisheye adapter) from scratch, too! Just a whole lot of work - but when I got it working in the end, both the build and the mods, it was soooo satisfying.

--- Quote from: samco on October 30, 2023, 11:21:52 pm ---Very nice!!! Keep up the good work man :)

--- End quote ---
Feel like I should be the one giving you the props! But thank you, truly.

EDIT [2023/11/01]: Updated the fork again, this time actually enabling EEPROM saving on the RP2040! Have tested and it works now on both my builds. Also fixed double feedback by reading the debounced trigger and not the pin state directly.
Still have to figure out the start/select buttons sticking on occasion, but it's at a very good state now at least...

Posting again here! Since the last update, I've released v1.3 of the enhanced fork. This adds the option to send a different mouse button event when aiming off the screen, as well as ability to toggle the extra functionalities (rumble and solenoid) on and off from pause mode with button combinations. It also fixes the button responsiveness problems of the keyboard presses that were present in Prow's fork.
Granted, both that and the offscreen button option were done via hacky workarounds, since the LightgunButtons library that fork uses seems to have a hard time with the keyboard presses, but I've tested and it seems to be much better. As far as I know, that's most of the features now implemented in an open source project (and with less reflashing the board to change settings)!


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