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How To Adjust Individual Games Resolution?

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SOLUTION FOUND!  After reading haynor's post I figured I'd check the chassis out to see if there were any pots I had missed (I did look prior).  In addition to the 6 pots that had been wired to a remote board ... which I had obviously adjusted prior... there is a horizontal hold pot on the chassis as well as another one that is hot glued that adjusts when HV shutdown happens.  Disappointed I took a look at the cap-map of the board searching for anything I missed.  I saw nothing.  I then went back to the chassis and really examined it and found ANOTHER POT... tucked just behind the Horizontal Hold.  It was a flush mounted pot versus a vertical standing one like the Horizontal Hold.  I checked the cap map and sure enough,  there it was... labeled "50/60"...

I had no sure way of knowing what a 50/60 pot does though I suspected it was JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR... an adjustment for between 50 & 60 hz... but I'd never seen a chassis with one of those... could it be?

Sure enough... that is EXACTLY what it is!

I was able to adjust out the curl at the bottom and the damn monitor looks the best it's ever looked!

Has anyone ever noticed a 50/60 pot on their K7000?   Is that the only chassis that has that?   I learn something new every day.

Nice finding!

Once you find the thread to pull from, it looks like an user posted about the same pot 16 years ago:

I have a board that has sound and a garbled picture.  Any suggestion on where to start troubshooting?


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