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How To Adjust Individual Games Resolution?

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OK... I intalled Super Resolutions... yay!  They seem to be working as intended... and now 384x256 resolution (the super res version) is showing up progressive ... YAY...

UNFORTUNATELY there is one small problem.  I am experiencing some decent foldover at the bottom of the screen.  I can adjust it out by making the screen THIN horizontally... but any adjustment to make the screen fill up vertically to fill the whole screen results in the bottom folding over on itself.

This happened with the interlaced resolution as well ...

Is there a way to adjust this issue out?

Here are a couple videos of the issue...

BTW ... For the record,  I did try Generic 15Khz,  Arcade 15Khz and Wells Gardner K7000 settings... I noticed all of them are slightly different than one another for this particular resolution at least but none rectified the issue... if there was much change between the three... it was slight at best.

256 lines modes will be always cut off at the bottom with default TV/monitor presets. On my Sony trinitron TV I have to used v sloop option to up a bottom part of picture. Basically size/position regulation is possible besides vertical size. This can only be done in service menu and/or in monitor internal regulators. It's strange that You have such effect instead of cut off bottom part of picture.

On TV problem is with two presents - one for PAL and one for NTSC. 256 lines at 55 Hz is neither PAL (about 288 lines, 50 Hz) or NTSC (about 224 lines, 60 Hz) so You had to change geometry to correctly fill TV. As suspect arcade monitors are by default calibrated for 224 mode but even my very old arcade monitor (sadly I don't have it anymore) could display Mortal Kombat (400x256) without any problems and proper picture adjustment was possible from monitor internal pots. Maybe Your monitor don't like 256 lines.

Yeah... analog arcade monitor... no internal "service menu" with this bad boy.  It's so very odd that for YEARS I played this game on MAME without this issue... (my old rig using Soft15khz)... and even now,  if I plug in my ARpiCADE Pi3 rig... it will play this game without this issue to this extent (it's a little squished,  but not nearly as bad as what you see)...

Maybe I will try to force the 240 line mode as mentioned above to see how that looks... any other suggestions as to trying to at least correct the image as much as possible?

It's been years since I recapped this monitor (2008 I think it was)... might be time?  Not having issues with other resolutions though.


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