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So far 2 new titles:
The new machines are being announced at E3 and will be on the show floor. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will feature two games:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)
Turtles in Time (1991)

The Marvel Super Heroes machine will provide thee games:

Marvel Super Heroes,
X-Men Children of the Atom,
The Punisher


Kind of excited to see how the tmnt ergonomics are.

There is possibility of 'Star Wars' related game also.

These are the options


Name   Manufacturer   Year Type   Description   Images

Star Wars   Atari   1983   Videogame

Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back   Atari Games   1985   Videogame

Star Wars Arcade   Sega   1993   Videogame

Star Wars Racer Arcade   Sega   2000   Videogame

Star Wars Starfighter   Tsunami Visual Technologies, Inc.   2003   Videogame

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade   Sega   1998   Videogame

Return Of The Jedi   Atari   1984   Videogame


The rumors of Star Wars are scary. Like, I want to believe the cabinet with a good yoke could be available for not a lot of money, but it seems super unlikely. That combined with the fact that I think Disney would release a Star Wars cabinet if there was to be anything released.

If anything, they might make a driving cabinet. Maybe pole position 1 and 2

Livestream of unveiling of the Star Wars cab with yoke --


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