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mGalaxy v7.5 released



mGalaxy v7.5 is out with a number of new and improved features:

[*]    [New] 'Group' feature (group several systems into one group)
[*]    [New] 'Presenter II' theme.
[*]    [New] 'MyGameBoyAdvance' theme.
[*]    [New] Screensaver feature.
[*]    [New] Ambient sounds play (background music option).
[*]    [Improved] 'Go to top of the list'/'Go to end of the list' commands can now be used in the 'Systems' and 'Top 10' windows to navigate to the start/end of the lists.
[*]    [Improved] PC keyboard can be used to type in the 'Search' window.
[*]    [Fixed] mGalaxy is 'portable' again.

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