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https isn't working.


Just sayin...

2022 and still no https... In these days it's really not done to pass your login credentials over a http link, for everyone to read along with you. Why isn't something trivial as LetsEncrypt not implemented? Free to use yet secure connections.

you know how much of a pain in the ass https implementation is especially when you dont want to pay for a cert and you do it through lets encrypt and it expires and your website goes down cause certbot doesn't verbose worth a damn if it has an issue and it takes you a year to iron out the script to auto renew cause you can only activate a recert every 90 days even though they say you can do it every 60 but you can't cause it says its not close enough to expiry date to renew so it takes 3 months to find out if it works and then you discover it doesn't so you change your script and wait another 3 months to see if your website displays or not?

i hope my works server never goes down cause if it does, i'm screwed.


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