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Have You guys ever had any problem with PayPal?
I would like to order some parts for the Cab I'm building, and everybody seems to use Paypal.  :( :(
I have heard a lot of bad things about PayPal, so is it safe to use?

I use PayPal quite often, as both a seller and a buyer.  I even have their debit/ATM card, so that I can pay for stuff at regular stores with the balance in my PayPal account.

I have had no problems at all.  Most of the complaints that I have had heard, have come from people that either didn't bother to read all the rules.

PayPal is not a totaly free service.  There are fees involved when you use PayPal as a seller.  There is also a limit on the amount of money that you can pass through without being a "Verfied" member.  Once you hit the limit, (I think it is $1000) then they freeze the account until you go through the verfication.  To be verfied you must give them a checking account number.
This freexing of accounts is where most compliants that I have heard have come from.

Same with me.  I use PayPal often and have never had a problem.  I would not personally keep a bunch of money in my PayPal account though, even though I have not had any problems with them I still don't really trust them enough to just leave large sums of money there, especially since they are not FDIC insured.(like all real banks).

Well, I also never had a problem, but if you ever have one, you are screwed. To start with, they don't have a support line; look closely and you won't find a single phone number in their site. They provide support by mail, but it is automated and has the same generic answer for all questions. I used PayPal frequently, but had to cancel the credit card that I had registered with them and it's been a pain to add a new card. No support. No replies. Not only they want the new card but to prove that you are yourself, you are required to follow a convoluted verification process that ends in you having to send copies of all your ID's by mail. No way. So no more PayPal for me.


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