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GroovyArcade live-CD 2022 (collaborative effort)

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great work, thanks Substring  :cheers:

Have there been any options to allow mouse control in mame with Groovyarcade? Iíve got an older version and tried to find a spot to configure mame to allow for the USB spinner. No luck. It should be able to be accessed in mame.ini, but I know nothing about Linux.

It's just confiuring the mame.ini. You can edit it through network shares

I know groovyarcade isn't designed for this, but I've managed to get it working on an HP ProBook 4720S laptop's VGA output.

The trick was to perform the livecd tests, select LVDS as display, then install to hard disk as normal.
Once installed, reboot into groovyarcade, exit to shell or desktop and change /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg kernel arguments.

This worked perfectly on a 14"CRT via scart for testing. The LCD shows low-res and only part of the game's playfield, but that's OK, it's CRT output we care about.

BUT - When connected to a Hantarex Polo2 arcade CRT, there was no picture on the CRT and the LCD reverted to native res.
To fix this I modified the video parameter like this :-
To force the VGA port to be enabled when no monitor is detected.

Now it works, and I can replace the old windows XP PC guts of my cab with a small quiet laptop that has 15khz support.  :)

I've since tried this on an older Dell XPS too, and it works exactly the same.

Groovyarcade really is excellent, thanks so much to the guys working on it.

Great experience! Glad you like it :)


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