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I first got into mame long ago.
The angry attitude I got from arcade machine dealers in Lexington and Louisville KY. And some in OH! Was just pure nasty!
Well every one of those stores are gone. Mame has grown.
1 Up did not take a crap in your cornflakes! Get over yourself all ready.
You do not have to like the product . I  :censored: get it. Nothing more needs said we  :censored: know where you stand.
If some one asks a question on a 1up build we do not need all the BS!
It is a question not directed at your bitter  :censored:

The irony... :cheers:

I just do not get when some one asks for help and his/her  answer is use it as a toilet or pee on it as helpful at all.

Can we please move this to PNR or wherever these things are supposed to go?


--- Quote from: yotsuya on April 07, 2019, 11:41:04 am ---Can we please move this to PNR or wherever these things are supposed to go?

--- End quote ---

lol - I agree you with yots, and I agree with daywane.

No disrespect daywane. I know what you are talking about but your post is just more dirty laundry. The actions of a few vocal folks on the board don't reflect the intent of the entire site. Not to mention, everyone is entitled to have opinion. I'd like to see a shift to either offering to help, or just mind your own business, but you can't stop some of the ugly posts, except to try and counter them.

Most everyone here is good people. I think "retro" coming back and being such an obvious fad has struck a nerve with some folks.


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