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Party at Mike's part 2

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Mike A:
Party at my place. Games, food, beer, booze.

Come on out. The party is family friendly. All of my friends have young children. They are all still alive.  One of my friends is an ER doctor. We haven't required his services... yet.

Saturday April 20th.

I have 11 games working right now. Tempest stops working intermittently. Monaco GP is Out of Order.
I just got my Time Pilot cab delivered from MN. A KLOVer from MN was picking up a pin near my house.
I might have that up and running before the party.

Sounds like a good time!

Is Lew invited? :lol

I canít wait for the facepunching to commence!!

Mike A:
I thought you guys were my friends. ;D

Are flights included with the beer? :)


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