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Hello all -

I chimed in on someone else's positive experience with GRS's 32 inch cabinet, however after having final words today with Ryan I thought I would post my experience in it's own thread to give people some insight on whether or not to do business with them.

I ordered my 32 inch cabinet kit in the beginning of February.

First off, Ryan was taking 2-3 days to answer emails, including one he just ignored. I wanted to make sure things came out right because I was designing my own artwork and designing a custom CP which he assured me would be no problem, therefore I had questions regarding things that he provided no answers for on his site.

Finally uploaded my finished artwork to him on a Monday night. I did business with Ryan because according to his website he has a very quick turnaround time, stating 1-2 days due to having multiple employees working all times of the day, having parts always stocked, etc. after uploading your artwork, so I figured this isn't some one man side job company.

Friday rolled around, I emailed him asking him if there was an issue going on as to why it hasn't shipped yet. He answered stating it would go out on Monday. Monday came and went, still did not ship. At this point I was getting aggravated and if it didn't ship next day I was going to cancel my order because nothing went smooth thus far with this. Well, evidently someone heard my thoughts because Tuesday morning it shipped.

After being so excited thinking I will be spending my weekend putting this together, it arrived Friday. Opened it, and I started getting serious heartburn.

First thing I noticed is they shipped the wrong color T-Molding. Second I began to look at the actual pieces of my cab. My bottom kick plate panel had a good sized gouge that also went right through the artwork. In addition, I don't know what happened, but my artwork was printed (Which comes with a $200.00 charge) like 60% darker than it should of been, totally making my carbon fiber design basically invisible on the cabinet. Additionally, there was a protective film on the pieces over the artwork which puzzled me as youtube videos I saw of unboxing the 32 inch kit did not have this film on there. I watched his video on his website on how to remove this film. Well....

No matter how gently I tried to peel it back, wet it to soften it, heat it up with a blow dryer, it was taking the ink of the artwork right up with it when peeling it off, further screwing up the artwork. At this point I was so disappointed and felt so hosed. This cab came to over $1000.00.

At this point I started to pack the stuff back up, getting ready to ship it back but then I saw a glimpse of my CP which was supposed to be custom designed with only 2 admin buttons and no credit buttons ( I use a real coin chute) and no holes for spinners which his CP's come with. Well, there were holes for 4 admin buttons, 2 credit buttons and 2 holes for spinners, and additionally the CP plexi was drilled like this as well. This was a complete mess.

I emailed him later that night providing him with pictures and I wanted to return it and pursue a refund because I refused to wait another week to get a new kit which is how long his shipping service takes to reach my state, even though I really liked the cab design and wanted to have this work out.

I finally got a response on Sunday afternoon with 2 return shipping PDF's for both boxes. No trying to rectify anything, saying sorry, admitting fault, nothing.

Today before bringing them to Fedex, I reached out to him asking if there is any way to get me a new kit with everything corrected. I actually got a quick response. He refused to send me a new kit saying it's too much money to send another kit, and that my kit will be unusable when he gets it back which is a complete puzzle to me as the only damage on there was the kick plate, and his artwork easily peels off the black melamine. The wood pieces he would easily be able to use for another cabinet kit. Additionally I got a gist of spite out of him, telling me I'm getting a refund because "I panicked too quickly and I didn't give him a chance to resolve anything"

Panic? Dude how do you expect me to act? My order was a mess. I spent 90% of my tax return on this and I had high hopes for this. Down the drain.

I get no one is perfect, but the amount of mistakes was inexcusable in this kit, especially after waiting nearly a month for it to come in, and his general attitude after he screwed up showed that he didn't care and came off as quite arrogant.

Problem is now I need to find a 32 inch cab for this 32 inch GSYNC monitor that cost $600.00, and I don't know what to do. Recroommasters is the only other site that piqued my interest but their wait time is ludicrous as they always seem to have their products on a serious backorder.

Anyway if you had a positive experience with Ryan, good for you; you won in the GRS customer service lotto. Me? Not so much. So do business at your own discretion.


Newcomer to Arcade builds here :)
Damn that sucks to hear. I was looking into buying a kit from him, but after seeing so many mixed reviews I really don't think I will anymore.
Plus I live in New Zealand so if anything went wrong or if incorrect parts were sent, I'd be right up :censored: creak :laugh2: trying to get a refund/replacement.

Could you post some pictures of the cabinet?

Just to note:
The whole 60% darker print thing, as a Graphic Designer I deal with a lot of artwork prints for giant posters around town in NZ.
So, in my workspace, it's not unheard of for that to happen when printing artwork. BUT (and this is a huge but) it's just a matter of going back to Photoshop, brightening it up a bit and printing again. I've had to do that many times to ensure it would display correctly. I'm not saying he should have to reprint the entire artwork, just a small crop would suffice.
That is something I would have thought he would do, test a print and confirm with you the customer if it's how you wanted it to appear.
But then again, that's another problem I see with him, communication seems to either be very responsive or not at all.

Safe to say I'm glad I found out about Haruman among my research for a cab.
I think I'll be reaching out to Haruman Customs for my build ;D he does some rad work from what I've seen.

What will you do, Have you found another vendor to purchase a cab from? :)

Mike A:
The more important thing about Haruman is he is a stand up dude and he will always make things right. He is even nice when he beats you at Street Fighter.

Exactly, that too :)

Pics  or it didn't happen


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