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This thread is for issues/links/pages related to the Homepage.

- Examples page shows snippets of code.

- Submit project page shows snippets of code.

- Newbie guide Browse the examples page shows snippets of code.

- Update "using MAME in a commercial setting (simply not allowed)" to reflect the new licensing agreement since v0.172.


The homepage has a link to Chat but it doesn't exist

--- Quote ---Not Found

The requested URL /chat/ was not found on this server.
--- End quote ---

The link should be removed.

i think cause it's mostly that people come here just for the forum. i think 99% of the google results come directly to forum posts and not the website itself.

the website frontend has been largely ignored. saint made a thread a while back asking who actually used the website itself... and there was not much by way of response from people using it so it has been backburnered.


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