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All good, I hope ;D

The server we're on now is on its last legs. One drive is failed and the other is failing. I have purchased a new server and have been migrating things over. It's in "final-beta" stages now and I'm hoping by next weekend to have us all moved over from here to there. I do have nightly backups from here and have a several day old copy of them there now, and will do another "final" transfer of data before shutting this box down.

Right now on the new server:

* the forum is online, and upgraded to the latest version of SMF. The messages/etc from a few days ago are there and working. Still a few tweaks to plug ins to work out. Note - please don't try to find the new forum yet, it's going to be wiped and a fresh copy of the most recent database from here moved over there as the last step. It's not hard to find, but the new forum isn't quite ready for company yet.

* The files library is back online and updated. I've gotten most of the material online, though a handful of files are missing for now - I should be able to get those restored when I get back to it. You are welcome to take a sneak peek at it if you'd like. Remember the logins from that system are not the same as your forum login. They did get moved from the old to the new so if you had an account on them before it should be working there now. Feel free to use this system if you want, I don't think we'll be doing any database wipes/reloads on it, I consider it "done."

* Various behind the scenes things that no one but me really saw and had to deal with are almost all rectified. Yay!

* Wiki is next on the list to sort out and bring back online.

* The old SMF arcade system doesn't appear to be supported anymore :( Not sure if that's something folks want or not?

* Tapatalk working

* More space, faster processor, more RAM, hardware RAID-1 instead of software, updates OS, etc.Anything else I need to be thinking of that isn't working here?

Please keep any comments to the thread on the Forum Discussion post below.


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