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Golden Tee 2005 testing

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Hi Lilshawn.  You seem to be super knowledgeable about this Golden Tee 2005 business.  I have a golden tee complete flash card that just stopped working during game play and has never booted up again.  I can get it into test mode by holding down the start button during boot up, but i have to remove the flash card and re-seat it to get the Status 1 light to begin to flash and read the card.  Ultimately upon test it will say sign port failed and board test failed. 

I am perplexed.  Up in Sudbury Ontario and it seems working green boards have skyrocketed in price.  I ordered a new card reader/flash card/and 2.09 eprom and this seems to not solve anything, in fact it won't even read that card if re-seat this card.

Has anyone experienced this type of issue.  I have been working on getting it going for about a month now.  Argg


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