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Golden Tee 2005 testing

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you could take the drive out and install it to a computer and do a sector scan on it with something like HDDScan. if it has bad sectors, it will need to be replaced. if it comes back clean, it just has bad files (the golden tee software has no way of telling which issue it really has)...there is a cd that you either may already have in the cabinet with the paperwork or could convince someone to upload a copy of...that reloads the software to the drive. (I have canadian software, so if you are in the USA or other parts of the world, you'll need a different version) or see if you can download a "CHD" of the drive off of a torrent or MAME site.

more or less, you basically plug in a cd rom drive to the other IDE cable port and boot up the system with the cd in the drive and it loads it onto the drive. simple as that.

if the hard drive is indeed bad, and you need to replace it.... AND the "eagle" bootrom chip version is less than 2.09, (version should be printed on the top of the chip) you will need to replace the eagle bootloader chip as well as the hard drive as the older bootloader chips don't really support new drives (but there is a dirty workaround). you will ether have to buy one off ebay, or source a chip and burn the data to it with an EEPROM writer. if your eagle is 2.09 it will work with different drives no problem.

That sounds great!! buying a ready made version of the hard drive with the 2.09 chip sounds plausible to me. First thing I will do when I get the monitor up and running. I saw somewhere I could convert it to a flash drive with an adapter. is that true?  thanks, Al

So here is where im at. I fixed the monitor. Cold solder joints and broken trace to a cap on the yoke board. unit tries to boot. it sees the hard drive and then says "checksum mismatch in boot file, boot file corrupted. it says this three times and then starts test again and again. Found used original cd on ebay for golden tee 2005. I ordered and will get it in a couple days. will try and jury rig an old cdrom to the ide port 2 and reload the program to the hard drive. if hard drive is bad will replace. Now will the cdrom work with the 1.6 eeprom. and if HD is bad can I get an 2.09 eeprom without buying all the copying equipment. Thanks again, Albert.

yes, there are lots of replacement drives for sale on ebay and roms available from game rom websites like hobbyroms. some kits with the rom and a compactflash and adapter are available on ebay too...

Thanks Shawn. cant wait to get this going.    Al


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