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Golden Tee 2005 testing

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I hooked a led tv monitor to the vga out of the video game board to check to see if I get the game to load up and do the self test and I get the no signal flashing on the tv. If the game itself loads up I will go for fixing the monitor, otherwise I will scrap the idea of putting this fine game together. is there a setting on the dip switches I am missing. or will it not work with a led tv with computer inputs.

golden tee doesn't run in a standard resolution supported by many PC computer monitors.

see my post at:,129561.msg1325609.html#msg1325609

some people have had luck with CGA to VGA video convertors like the GBS-8200, I did not...but I don't know how many levels deep a clone my board was.

thanks shawn. how about I use an older computer monitor that can handle cga output,  If that's possible? or swap out the video card. Im just looking to test this out completely before diving into it with any big bucks. My intention is to replace flyback and return it to its original condition. then if that does not fix it I will have to spend the bucks to have monitor board rebuilt and I will but before any of this can start I need to see on a monitor "Screen" all of the test results. I also believe hard drive is bad and would gladly change it out with the 2.9 chip. Right now I cant check anything without a working monitor.  Thanks for your great input.  Albert

the system is designed to work with only two videocards. the original trashy 3dfx card and a IT branded card which i believe is a rebranded matrox card. been a while since i've seen one of those. no other card is going to work unless you could re-write the game code and bootloader

i can confirm a benQ branded 27 inch monitor works with golden tee. i don't have notes here as to which one it is. it was available with and without built in speakers. so if i had to wager a guess from that it was probably the "GW2760HL"

you best bet is to hit up a local arcade or vending route operator and see if he can test it on a std. res. monitor for you and let you know if it's worth diving into.

if the board is good, and the tube you have isn't trash. it could be worth getting into.

Hi shawn, my brother stopped by with a computer monitor and it ran through the tests nicely showing me it works, now it says bad boot sector on the hard drive, stops and then resets. Is there anyway I can do a repair on the hard drive like a dskchk or something that would fix it.


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