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Of late I have more time on my hands so I fired the old Arcade cab .

I undated to windows 10 and MAME was running sluggish.....

Anyway long story short. What I discovered is:

- Mala isn't really setup to easily use recent versions of Mame
- The website has a google unsafe status on it

- The Website hosting had expired.   opps... ran out of cash $$$

I will fix this by throwing my own cash at hosting soon and fix the website with the latest version.

If you use the new website (after I fix it) please consider a small donation as Mala is very much a non profit project (just ask my wife  :P ).


Nice, good to hear this excellent front-end might be getting a bit of a refresh! I've been using it with Win10 and MAME 0.183 for a year and a half or so and it is mostly fine.

I get an occasional crash but haven't experienced it with the error logging on yet so I'm not sure if it's software or hardware...

1) I have the website up but don't want to upload content until I can get it off Googles browsing unsafe list.

I have logged a review with them but so far nothing. Crazy as there is nothing on the website at the moment.

Any ideas?

2) I have an issue with my source code repository and building environment. It was on a PC that no longer exists but I have two copies of the drives. Getting Perforce and Delphi to run and be happy with the licence is an upcoming task.

I'd chip in for hosting!

Thanks for the work Loadman, I have been using MaLa for years
I don't update my cabs often but it would be great to know that I will be able to continue to use MaLa when I do.
I will send a donation as soon as the website is updated with a link.

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