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Guncon2 on latest Groovymame?

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I read that some people have found success on running their Guncon2 light guns on Groovymame, but it was a while ago, so I was wondering what are the latest drivers people use, and if it is even possible at all to still use a guncon2 on the latest Mame versions such as 2.05~2.06?

In my case, the problem is that the driver wingun 086b that in systems x32bit works well, in the x64bit system does not let itself be installed, with what you are looking for an x32bit compilation of the groobymame 206 or you can not put the guns.

I'm with a translator if you do not understand it, ask me.

So you mean I would have needed to install Windows 7 32bit version to be able to use the Guncon 2 in Groovymame 2.06 32bit?  :(


at the moment I have it tested on the xp32bit system not e tested to windows 7 32bit

Using 32 bit Windows just because of those drivers is a mistake, you'd better look for an alternative gun that has support for modern OSes. If only the guy that originally made the drivers had provided the source code, I'd volunteer to port them to 64-bits, just to avoid people sticking to dead operating systems.


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