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New Munsters Pinball Machine!!!


Thought I would share the newest machine from Stern. Very cool looking pin. This is a John Borg design (that according to the people) is the best shooting Borg yet. Code by the Pin famous Dwight Sullivan, And art from the stud Christopher Franchi What do you guys think? Looks like a fantastic shooting pin, the lower playfield in the Premium and LE has "2 mini flippers, 2 ramps, a Grandpa bash target, a digital number display, and a multiball feature". Crazy looking cool black and white premium too!

Pro Model


Limited Edition

Ken Layton:
There has already been a code update for it.

We have one of these machines.

only issue we have seen so far is the plastic near Herman Munster toy (part # 830-1018-19)... it has a long "tail" of plastic allong the left side that can get banged by the ball and snap off. Stern left it flapping in the breeze. I ended up cutting a sheet of lexan to match the part... but left it a liitle wide along that edge to help protect it. hopefully stern fixes this and puts a post or something, cause the rail doesn't cut it...and if the part snaps off, there is an opto left exposed that can also get broken off/shorted out.

Played this one at Zapcon.  Both with and without the lower playfield.  The artwork is painful to look at and I found it kind of boring.  I guess they were going for an Addam's Family / Haunted House nostalgia thing but meh.

Ken Layton:
A friend just bought a "used" Munsters Pro model. It had version 0.99 game code on it when he bought it. He updated it to the latest game code version 1.02. What a difference that made! It's really a fun game to play.

He also bought a brand new Elvira's House of Horrors LE and it's a fantastic game!


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