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Have you seen this prototype control?


E3 stuff: this controller looks, umm, big.  
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I don't think it was made by hanaho: the controler is just sitting on a hanaho big screen cab?

I've seen this one around on other sites before, it is reportedly designed for an x-box prototype mecha game (can't recall the name though and no longer have the link)... supposedly going to be sold as a retail stand-alone controller. Looks like just the trick for Space Lords!


Yeah I saw this when I was at E3.  No it's not Hanaho made.  The system was just playing on a bigscreen Hanaho cabinet.  Pretty stupid though.  Dumb XTrash developers develop a console game that is so complicated that you have to buy a whole new controller just to play it that has 50 buttons on it.  Quite ridiculous.  Wonder what dumbass developer had that smart idea.  They are missing the point of developing a console game for a specific default controller.  Since they make this one stupid controller for their one stupid game, they end up having to sell the game and controller together in a package for probably $150-200.  Hehe, see how many dumbasses buy that....but one I think about it, if people are dumb enough to buy an XBox, then maybe a lot of them will buy this new controller! lol



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