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Hello!   :)
New to the forum and have just purchased a twin driving cab. It was not meant, is was a impulse purchase at a very good price  :applaud:

The machine itself is like new condition, has probably never been out in the "public". Its made by IGS in Taiwan 2008 with the 2005 game "Speed Driver Evolution" that i think is a "clone" of another arcade game. The cab also looks like a clone from a SEGA cab. 29" CRT screens with trisync. The "brain" in this thing is 1 ordinary PC with a 64gb SD card as HDD, but the card is empty so i can not start it upp.

So my plan is to install emulator in this twin cab as i think its perfect for that!. But i am going to need some help down the road i am sure of..  :cheers:

First thing i need to solve is interfacing the controls, steering and so on. And that i think can do witout any bigger problems. But the force feedback is another question, and for others i have read in this forum. So tips and hints on what soulotion i should look into would be great!

The "original" PC has a PCI card connected to both cabīs  I/O and FFB board with one type "COM" port, and one type "Printer" port. I think the boards looks a lot like the ones i have seen in pictures of SEGA cabs. I will probably never find drivers and so for this setup i think, i will probably have to fix this with another solution..right?

After some years i decided to make something out of this machine finally.

Started to experiment with Arduino projects for I/O. I got Modell 2-3 games running in it emulated. But there was i bit of problems always. And i am unfortunately not an expert on CRTīs. Then it stood still for some years. I have decided to make this a machine running Teknoparrot with newer games. And convert to LCDs (donīt kill me yet.. ) The CRTīs will surely come in handy in other projects in the future.

For the I/O to controllers i will test and use EMC development (FB) solution with an Arduino Leonardo board to integrate controllers and hopefully get the original FFB mechanism in the cab working. I have all the PCBīs and so on for it at my workshop right now. This solution requires a rotary encoder to work. So i started out by dismount the potīs in the steering assembly and adapting in rotary encoders instead.

2 x PSUīs for FFB and motor driver boards, and LCDīs i found cheap in the after christmas sales for the project. :cheers:

Well... the 32" LCD is quite larger than the original bezel.. of course. But i want it to look so much original i could make it. Inspired by a french guy who did this already. (delo delo on YT)

This model of cab has around 730mm -ish between the panels of room for a screen. My newly purchased LCDs are 720mm wide. Thought at first that i had to dismantle the LCDs housings. But i think now that i dont need to that. (i tried to...but it was hell. Think i will broke them before i got the plastics gone..)

So what to do. Start modifying the original bezels. As this is somewhat an asian "clone" or what it is from the SEGA Modell3 cabs i did not bother so much about preserving it original. As it is not an original. So i started to cutting it up. Glue. Polyester fiberglass. Welding. Cutting. Grinding. Plastics. and so on.... many hours spent on this.

The modified bezel that is going to hold the LCD screen is beginning to be finished. I think it looks very OK and has a "original look " despite the heavy modification.

I cutted the plastics around the original OSD buttons on the back, to solder in a remote panel that i am going to mount in the cabinets little service door for the original monitors potīs PCB. Tested and working  :)


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