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Anyone have an opinion on ACTIVISION 10-IN-1 CLASS


I saw this auction and I thought I'd pick a couple up.

I'd imagine it would be pretty easy to build a little box with a  joystick and some buttons.  Easier than my CPs.

Anyone have any experience using these?

Ebay auction for ACTIVISION 10-IN-1 CLASS

I have no connection to the auction, except as a bidder.

i don't know how easy that thing is going to be to hack. If you get it for $5 i guess it's a good deal still with the $4 for shipping and handling. The thing only cost $19.99 brand new That's a link to the item at amazon. it looks like it would be hard to hack but maybe not.

I have seen them for $24.95. At that price I will be sniping. See you at 3 seconds 'till close of auction!  ;D

He's selling aquantity of 100.  I'm guessing (hoping) that supply will easily exceed demand.  I think you can go ahead and bid.  Plenty for everyone (famous last words)



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