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So some of you may know I have been just a hardcore pinball nut this past year. My arcade journey started naturally with Mame, then real deal arcade machines which then led to restoring or at least fixing up broken arcade machines, to pinball, to fixing up old pinball machines to.....

My next obsession....

New in box pinball!

I sold my Black Rose and Space Invaders to help finance this machine. One of my awesome contacts I made in this hobby out of Mount Zion IL helped me make this dream come true. So thank you Troy! And if anyone needs anything arcade or pinball related and lives by or around Mount Zion IL I can give you his contact info. Anyway enough about me! Here is my new machine!

Chicago Gaming Company just released their 3rd Williams remake.

Monsterbash! This machine is the Special Edition. The main difference is that this machine has an all RGB LED light show that goes along with every mode/monster. Also they upgraded the original dmd to an extended LCD display.  They redrew every single animation beautifully! I can post some pics to show the difference later on. But here is my machine below!


The following link has some of the redisgned animations... kind of cool really!

Thanks for letting me share guys! Not everybody understands the hobby and the obsession and Pinside can be so damn toxic. Grateful to have you guys!

Congratulations.  That had to have been pretty exciting to unbox a new pinball machine.   :cheers:

I'm hoping to be in a position to get my first pinball machine by time the Midwest Gaming Classic arrives.

Mike A:
---steaming pile of meadow muffin---. That is a big purchase. That costs more than my entire arcade room full of games!

It looks cool. I hope it is fun to play.

Hell. If you have the money you can spend it any damn way you please.

You are on an arcade forum. This isn't bragging.

If you constantly showed pics of your 8 million watt home theater on an arcade forum, that would be bragging.



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