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DaOld Man:

--- Quote from: jc131313 on August 10, 2020, 09:04:49 am ---Hello DaOld Man - just curious if you ever updated joychoose to use the newer mame format.  I just updated my cabinet with new hardware and a newer version of mame and it looks like that's the issue I'm running into with my servostiks not working.  Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Hi JC.. was wondering if you ever sent that xml file? I didnt get it if you did. But could have got lost in the mail.

DaOld Man:
Hey JC, dont know what happened to you.
I was playing around with another program I wrote about same time as JoyChoose.
Its called ControlChoose.
It builds a list of controls which you can edit with notepad or whatever.
You can change the 4 way and 8 way joystick ID's to match what your mame.xml lists.
Let me know if you are interested in trying it.
Side note: It can do what startcom does also.
If anyone else is interested I will post a (hopefully) short tutorial on how to use it.

DaOld Man:
Here is ControlChoose.
A mala plugin that chooses your control based on game designation.
(4 way 8 way joysticks, and a lot more.)

Download the, unzip it to controlchoose.mplugin, place in mala/plugins folder.
Run mala, options event plugins, click on controlchoose and click configure to set it up.

There is also a readme.doc file.


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