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Need help with my G-LOC Motor Driver Boards / SEGA 400-5117 (SOLVED)

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I think that in this forum there is someone who might be able to help me (grantspain or princess pin pin)  ;D

My issue is that i have three defective G-LOC Motor Driver Boards / cages.
I have one fully working cage but I need two in order to get the movement working.

I have managed to get all the correct voltages present, but when I test them in my Sega g-loc deluxe there is no movement.
 (only movement if i mount the one powersupply that there is working)

The last year i have tried to find out why, but i have not been able to solve the issue, so therefor I reach out to you in my last hope that some one can help me.
I have followed the super guide in a french forum written by the user GC339 here

Restoration steps 1 to 8 is spot on, so my low voltage power supply is working, but when i need to figure out how to find the error in the control logic (Step 9) I am giving up...
I am willing to ship the cages and all my components for repair and also some money to that person who might be able to help me.

I have uploaded an Excel/Open office file to dropbox, and marked all the components green that i have changed.
Components marked brown i have tested in circuit, and yellow the components i think is related to the logic movement part.
See the tab "Repair log module 3" for all the parts that i have changed/tested on this board.
(also changed all the zener diodes ZD03->ZD11 (because when for two years ago when i successful repaired a driver cage the reason for the missing movement where some bad Zener diodes)

Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction in what i need to test/change in order to get the final movement part working  :applaud: :applaud:

Note if anyone has restored a Sega Radmobile deluxe - then it is the same PSU/Driver cage.

YES YES YES - Finnaly!! (again) I now have movement!!   :)

ITS ALIVE !!! :)

I have read CG339's guide over and over... and finnaly i managed to put two and two together :)
in this ->  tread where he shows a diagram of the control logic, he mentions PC7,PC8,PC9 and PC10 as components who isolates the high voltage and low voltage...

So i where thinking  ;).. maybe they are dead, and i did not know how to test them so i swaped them with some new

So if you have all the correct volts, checked for burned traces.. but no movement then change
PC7,PC8,PC9,PC10 then you have movement.

I have updated my repair log on module 3 ->

Thank you for sharing even though nobody here was able to help you.  :cheers:

Thanks for sharing, great work


--- Quote from: BadMouth on December 12, 2018, 02:50:28 pm ---Thank you for sharing even though nobody here was able to help you.  :cheers:

--- End quote ---

Thanks  :cheers:


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