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I'm going to start construction on this cabinet early next year so I thought I'd announce it before end of year 2018.  It's based on a design I posted some years ago (and misplaced).  I really liked the shape but the original design was for an LCD, this however will be built around a 27" CRT I have.  It will run MAME on a PC for various versions of Pac-Man and a small selection of games that play well on a cocktail style cabinet.  It has no T-moulding but instead thick curved edges made from 32mm MDF.  Other features include vinyl wrap on the control panels, real timber veneered end panels and my own artwork.  Image updated to latest artwork

Here's a sample of the artwork drawn by me. The font is 'pacfont' which I downloaded, all other images are my own.

I will need to give thought to cooling and ventilation as well as speaker placement.  I'm still undecided about building a welded steel or timber frame to support the monitor but I'm favouring a steel one at the moment.

The CRT is a 27"  flat screen Panasonic TV with Component video inputs.  I'm using that with CRT Emudriver 2.0 and a Retrotek VGACTV1 VGA to Component transcoder. 

I'm excited to have a project in the pipeline which uses a CRT specially to play Pac-Man on.  My kids really like simple games like Frogger etc. so I'll add that to the menu as well.

Looks like a really slick take on the classic cocktail cabinet.

Will be watching this one for sure.

Wow, cool design of the cabinet. Though I am not sure about the Pacman with teeth. Just doesn't look right to me.

Outstanding!  I love the design.  It will look fantastic next to your RoToron build.   :cheers:

Thanks guys, this was a design I did for another member way back when I ran a little competition to name my cabinet design, I've since re-named RoToron.  The cocktail shape has evolved a little bit since then but not much.

The artwork... well any 3D versions of Pac-Man I've seen which are just a head usually have teeth, some have fangs  :lol.  Fangs etc. seem wrong but no teeth on a 3D version also looks weird so....

I may do a version without teeth on Pac-Man which also removes the eyes from the ghosts.  In game, ghosts lose their eyes when Pac-Man eats a power pellet so I'll see what that looks like.  It's early days, so feedback welcome.


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