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Still about $150 more than I'd pay for that junk.


--- Quote from: Osirus23 on December 01, 2018, 07:27:37 pm ---Still about $150 more than I'd pay for that junk.

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Oh, that's a bummer. I was going to send you one. Guess I'll keep it.  ::)

They're on sale because they are cheap rubbish.


--- Quote from: Stutz on December 01, 2018, 05:47:04 pm ---I bought the Galaga edition.  Serves my purpose until I save up some cash to build a cabinet

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The cool thing is.... that's the game that holds the most nostalgia for many folks. I think the cabinet is good for that. It's a shame Galaxian is the other game. Galaxian is such an odd duck. It's a blast of color and speed compared to space invaders, but it seems that Galaga is where they really hit the sweet spot. Let us know your thoughts of the Galaga cabinet.

I wish A1UP would have put Galaga 88 on there, or something. It's really a 1 game cabinet to me.

For $150 though... I hate to say it because I have a full sized Galaga, and all my other cabinets can play Galaga, but I would probably buy it.

2-3 years, this forum is gonna be horny for those 4:3 LCDs.

I guarantee it.


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