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Mike A:
I don't think there are too many of you within shouting distance of me, but there will be a party at my house on December 8th at 5 till whenever.
Come on out and have a beer or throw rocks at me or both.
I will be making pizza. There will be beer. There will be kids running around.

My arcade room has been closed due to kitchen renovations for a month now. It was the staging room for tools and materials.
It is time to dust everything off and have a good time.
If you are interested just PM me. I will send you my address.

For reference I live in Wonder Lake, IL.

Iíll go if Lew promises to show up and fight you. Has to be 18 rounds, bare knuckles, Queensbury rules.

Mike A:
Eh. He is welcome to come out. Lew can say whatever he wants to my face. I would respect that. He and I differ greatly in opinion. I have no issue with that. I just don't appreciate that he thinks I have to conform to his idea of how I should comport myself. No big deal.

Would love to come and party but its a bit far for me :p

Lew ain't brave enough to venture out of West County.  I remember what those people were like.


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