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will someone please HOST me some space for my cab.


okay i am about done with the cabinet...i did make a site with geocity...its always have some error messsage like...limit exceeded and stuff..if someone here has extra space left on their here and contact me..since i got lots of help building the cabinet from here...i should post up some pictures right?

any leads anyone?

thanks in anyone who helps.. ;)

There are tons of free hosting sites on the net.  All you have to do is go to a search engine (such as google) and type in "free web pages" and click search.  It isn't hard at all to find a host.

or you can be smart and ask here:

ohh..the thing is moved here...anyways...i did find one..angelfire..its cool for free...20 mb..see i never done such thing before..i be done in like a day or two..thanks to everyone who replied ;)


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