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Author Topic: Visual Pinball 10 (VPX) support in Maximus Arcade  (Read 4508 times)

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Visual Pinball 10 (VPX) support in Maximus Arcade
« on: November 04, 2018, 12:48:59 pm »
Have been a licensed user of Maximus Aracde for years now - love the ease of use, simplicity as far as front ends are concerned. Timeless software IMO. Would have paid triple the then retail cost.

I recently added Visual Pinball 10 to my cabinet which uses .VPX files instead of .VPT files (which are used for VP8 and 9) which are shown in the documentation as being supported. Has anyone found a way to point the Maximus interface to VP10 / VPX ROMs? When I try configuring it, doesn't recognize it.

I'm assuming there hasn't been an upgrade since 2013 for Maximus based on what I'm reading on the forums. Seems like it *could* be a relatively straightforward enhancement given the similarities between Visual Pinball 9.9.5 and 10 executables wise, but I certainly could be wrong there - though it looks like there isn't active development going on any more on the product :(

If there isn't a good workaround or plans to include this in the product roadmap, can anyone recommend another front end supporting MAME, Dreamcast, Visual pinball, Atari, etc. that is anywhere close to as easy to use/configure? Thanks for any help.


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Re: Visual Pinball 10 (VPX) support in Maximus Arcade
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2018, 10:33:13 am »
I've ran both VP9 and VPX [tables] in MA without issue.

In the configuration for Visual Pinball, just point the 'Executable' and 'Media' to your VPX respectively, and then under the Scan tab, change the Media Extension to .vpx
Be sure to check "Force rescan of media folder" before closing.

I don't recall if the Command Line was different for VP9.  For my VPX I have:
Code: [Select]
-minimized -exit -play -%file
If you're still wanting some of the VP9 tables to play, you'll need to set up (redirect) an unused emulator (ZINC for example).  vpinballx.exe will not play .vpt tables.  To make it pretty, you'll also want to change the emulators' theme images.


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Re: Visual Pinball 10 (VPX) support in Maximus Arcade
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2018, 04:45:50 pm »
Yeah always make sure you add the file extensions you want maximus to scan for.

like i've stated before no matter how old MA is it'll play most anything once configured right.