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It's not for MAME but a true hack none the less

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This site was sent to me from a friend. I though that you guys (and gal) might get a kick out of it any way. It is a hack of all great consoles put into one box and done quite well I might add.,24330,3381725,00.html

That thing is horrid.

To screw up a 2600 & NES like that when he could have emulated them on the included PC makes me wonder if he even thought about what he was doing.

Just like our beloved arcade machines, those classic 8-bit systems should have been given more respect.

WHAT!?!?!?!  you never modded your NES or 2600.  Man, you haven't lived!

I helped a friend about 7 year ago graph a 2600 into an arcade control panel, pretty sweet.


--- Quote ---... 2600 & NES ... those classic 8-bit systems ....
--- End quote ---

The 2600 was a 4-bit system.


--- Quote ---
The 2600 was a 4-bit system.
--- End quote ---

No, it's 8-bit.

As I recall, The 2600 used a 6507, which is an eight bit processor (a member of the 650x family) with an 8-bit data bus and a 13-bit address bus.  It used 8-bit memory and 8-bit opcodes (the same as in the 6502).

I don't know why people erroneously say it was 4-bit.  The only other difference of note is that its stack area was 128 bytes instead of the 256 normally seen in 650x's, but that takes 7-bits to address, not 4.

I'd really have to strain my brain to remember the TIA specs, but I'm fairly confident it was 8-bit as well.



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