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Am I the ONLY one still using MALA?

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--- Quote from: loadman on October 07, 2018, 09:34:30 pm ---I still use it :-)

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BTW, I just realized you are the creator of it. I like your work  :)

mike boss:
I love Mala, I think it is very polished and has all the features you could want.
I love creating my very own custom layouts for all my projects (I also display my work here, and I am available to custom work (SHAMELESS PLUG) ...).

Mala is a top shelf program, I love it.

So I just SOLVED a MAJOR problem I was having. I was honestly about to ask @Loadman for some help. I recently added some new emulators to my system, and I COULD NOT get the games list editor to recognize them. They were in the tree, and worked in MALA. It was just games list wouldn't recognize them. Which wasnt a MAJOR issue, but I like things nice and tidy, so games that are misspelled or have (world) or whatever after them really bothered me.

I still couldn't get games list to work properly (I have NO idea what's going on there). But I found a work around. I just went into the roms folder and renamed the roms, then refreshed the "All games lists" in Mala. So it cleaned up the names, and the roms work, so now I'm happy.

It was a rough 24 hours though, I gotta be honest. I even looked up Launchbox and was considering dropping Mala over this. My machine is Windows XP, and Launchbox wont run on XP. So I basically knew it was Mala or bust. I'm just glad I found a work around, that didnt entail reinstalling the system from scratch. It's a pretty big chore renaming and configuring 1000 games, when 70% were fine as they were.

I've been putting a lot of work into my machine lately (I plan on buying the 4 player 32" set from recroom masters as soon as I can afford it. So I just want to get my actual PC as good as possible before I make the big purchase. I had 3 games missing from my system that REALLY bothered me, Daytona USA, Dragons Lair, and Gauntlet Legends. Well... I got Daytona (and others) working thanks to the 0.9 version of the Model 2 emulator. I also got Dragons lair working (it's the Sega CD version, but hey at least I have a version). I have tried and tried to get Gauntlet Legends working. Which it does... sort of. It's just SUPER laggy, and basically unplayable. So that's a bit of bummer, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad. Plus I've added 200 or more additional games (since I was already making additions). After checking out this forum for Gauntlet Legends help, Ive discovered that game gives a lot of people trouble. So I guess it's just NOT possible to work on my old Dell Dimensions XP PC. Which I'm not about to upgrade anytime soon. I would honestly get my OG Xbox modded with games like Gauntlet and others preloaded on them, before I mess with my Mame machine. It does 99% of what I've asked it to do, so I can't complain there (especially getting Sega Model 2 working, that's a pretty awesome bonus).

Anyways, despite the set backs, Mala came through in the end for me. I'm just about done messing with it though, lol. Leave it alone, just be thankful for what I got, lol.

Chalk up another MALA user here.

It does everything I need it to do, so I was never really tempted to look at other frontends. I like the fact that I can just declare roms as .bat files and basically have a playlist that runs whatever I want it to.

I've even used it for projects like a steampunk X-ray machine in a LARP I was running. The "roms" were jpeg files with different x-ray pictures, the "emulator" was IrfanView, and the menu was just images of different gears turning, so whenever I moved the joystick, it looked like the machine was grinding along instead of scrolling through a game list.

For me, MaLa has just three little flaws:
a) It's slow to change menus in resolutions larger than 800x600
b) Sometimes the layouts get screwed up when a game starts in another resolution (yes, even using the latest beta and having "reorder layouts" checked)
c) The game lists don't wrap properly, i.e. when you scroll to the end of the list, the first item doesn't appear straight after the last one.
But all these three are insignificant in comparision to the software's versatility.

Still use Mala here, on 2 cabs. No plans to change to another FE.


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