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Am I the ONLY one still using MALA?

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When I was putting together my machine, I couldn't get Hyperspin to work. My PC is an old Dell Dimension. I discovered MALA and got it working like a champ. I've actually been VERY happy with it. Sure it might not be the "prettiest", but it does the job. I also found it to be very user friendly. When I watch videos on YT of others set ups, it seems like only OLDER videos have MALA.

Do any of you guys still use it or have you moved on. If you have moved on, why? If you are still using MALA, why? I'm just curious.

On of the BIG reasons why I like it, is because I can run Terrordrome and MUGEN just like any other emulators. I actually discovered MUGEN before I even created my machine, so I have put a LOT of work into that game. So it's a MUST have for my system. Not to mention it's kinda like a "greatest hits" type game for my machine. What other game can have Mario, Sonic, Sub Zero, Ryu and Donkey Kong in the same game?

Anyways, I WILL probably always run a MALA on a windows PC, if for no other reason but because it runs MUGEN.

Still use MaLa. Do you use dynamic elements in your layout?

I posted my MaLa layout here:,120617.msg1600225.html#msg1600225

Welcome to the forum

Yes, I use some interesting elements in my layouts. I have dedicated layouts for all of my emulators. I also have a video and music that changes for each emulator. All though I couldn't get a video for each game (I think it over loads my PC). So I instead have a "greatest hits" type video that plays for each emulator. I also have a video that plays at the beginning of launch of the program, that I REALLY like. It can be bypassed of course, but it adds a nice touch at start up imo. I've always been pretty satisfied with MALA, so I haven't really felt the need to change. Although other FE might be fancier, it get the job done and looks good doing it. Which is all that really matters to me.

Thanks btw, I've been a long time lurker, just never posted before. I actually got my layout designs from this very forum a few years ago.

I still use it :-)

I knew there had to be a few  :)


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