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So I have an old Berzerk cab in my basement.
Had it forever.
It was gutted and converted to the wiz at some point and then gutted again and given to me.
didn't know it was Berzerk.
The community helped me identify it.
I like the game.
Was going to restore it's appearance then mame it with a CRT TV and an RPI with the 240p output.
Keep berzerk and frenzy only.

Over the yrs, picked up a marquee, had some vinyl printed for the bezel to match a 20" CRT, and picked up a steel repro control panel.
blah blah blah crap happens and I never got to it.

Anyways i'm drinking and trolling ebay.
Find a complete board set for berzerk with extra boards and I think, I got the wiring harness, powersupply, and other stuff still in the cab.
Board sets were few and far between on ebay and cost more than I cared to pay.
i make an offer or two for a price I like for an untested set and I guess it's coming.  :laugh2:

My plan is to hope the board set works or doesn't need too much work to get working and do an RGB mod on one of the many 19 or 20" crt tv's I have to use with it.
Worst case a JROK board to convert rgb to component and use a 20" flat crt.

I may still get a JROK board just so I can see what's going on when I hook the board's up and apply power since an actual arcade monitor probably won't happen unless i find one on Facebook marketplace or craigs list.
They occasionally pop up but i haven't needed one so I disregarded.
I've downloaded the Berzerk service manual and the pull out board everything mounts to will make it easy to put together on the dining room table as opposed to my basement.

Here are some pics.

lot's of parts left inside.
harness is little butchered but I can run new wires if need be.

At one point tried to clean the paint off to get to the robots but not even that citra stuff works so i guess i'm painting it black then stenciling.

only thing I need is to figure out joystick and if I want to go with the bat handle.
Current joystick is a leaf switch.
From what I can tell it was the replacement when the optical sticks started failing.

I'm planing on a 3d printer this winter so may try to make my own.
$125 for a repro handle is not going to happen.
That's insane for something I could make close enough from a wooden dowel with my sander.

Boards are in.
they are filthy and will need some cleaning.
I've read dishwasher or just spray with simple green then rinse in sink and allow to dry for a week.

anyone with experience in this?

there are a few issues on two of the boards I see right away.
two filter capacitors def. need replacing.
I have to dig out my meter to make sure but the fuses look intact which is a good sign.

however the thing I was really worried about was the main board and the acid damage i've read about.
someone yanked the battery from this board before things got too bad.
I did pour some vinegar on the corrosion and gently go over it with a soft toothbrush before rinsing off.

no lifted traces I can see but, these chips may need replacing though.

I have the harness and the other non-board components still mounted on the slide out tray but i'm going to need to make a lot of ribbon cables.

Mike A:
You have your work cut out for you. I look forward to watching your progress. I have a Pole Position II board that I peck away at. I don't have much experience in board repair, but I am trying to learn.


--- Quote from: Mike A on September 17, 2018, 06:39:19 pm ---You have your work cut out for you. I look forward to watching your progress. I have a Pole Position II board that I peck away at. I don't have much experience in board repair, but I am trying to learn.

--- End quote ---

yeah this is going to be my winter project.

I went to school for electronics technology and my first job out of college was a service tech doing board repair in the field sometimes but after a few yrs of that I went into computers.
since then it's just repairs for myself mostly and hobby stuff.

the service manual has a lot of good info and there are a handful of Berzerk repair logs out there on the web I've read so thanks to those people (which I will link once I get into it.) I think I have a decent handle on troubleshooting steps.

I also have an oscilloscope and a waveform generator boxed up in my basement.
With those tools I should be able to test components in circuit.
gonna need refresher course though because I haven't used them since the late 90's.

Found this berzerk "ribbon" cable kit for $40.

I don't think I can make them cheaper when you consider I need a crimper, wire, and connectors.

anyone ever heard of this place before or bought from them?

or I could just get these and deal with putting a jumper on each pin.
it has the correct spacing

Ordered diodes, transistors, a bag o' resistors and logic chips replace the one's with corrosion and looking sketchy from acid damage.
A few caps for the power board also.
That should keep me busy while I try to get to the first stage of successful testing.
Also, the z80 isn't exactly the right one.
original part was 2.5 mhz.
This one is 4mhz.


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