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3/4 sized $499 DIY kits isn't bad. You could easily rip out the guts and replace the controls and brains with better parts. I like that it comes with a 4:3 LCD monitor, but no details on the type of panel so lag might be an issue.

Still, this is probably the better of those Walmart specials I've seen hit the market. Especially with the price being a bit more manageable.

$300 if you preorder it from walmart

So the question is... how is the build and how easy will it be to mod it!

But I love the 3/4 size!  I think I might pick up one!

Mike A:
Why not just scratch build a 3/4 size cabinet? You can make it how you like.

I do like that they didn't use the stupid slim form factor. These look like they won't fall on top of you when you lean on them.

Wallet's twitching here.  Impossible to build these things for $300.  The Slick Deals thread is humorous if you want to watch idiots argue about how this is a rip off. 

"All I had to do was buy a cabinet off Craig's List, haul it home, strip it, sand the whole thing, repaint it, add a monitor, PC, and then configure all the software.  Way better than this.  0/10 would not buy." 

Mike A:
Yeah. If you are not going to mod it. You can't beat that price.


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