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I have been using ServoStiks in my cabinet for a while now, but I recently started noticing some strange behavior while using Hyperspin after starting to launch emulators with RocketLauncher. I have set up LEDBlinky and put its path in Hyperspin. I had some games that were not rotating to the proper orientation, so I checked the controls.ini file to verify that the data matched what I expected. Interestingly enough, I learned that no matter how I changed the controls.ini file, the ServoStiks would still rotate the same. As a test, I completely removed LEDBlinky and the Controls.ini from my machine, and found that the sticks still rotate! Where is this control data being read from if not the controls.ini? Do I even need to use LEDBlinky? I'm just looking for where I can set the proper orientation.


DaOld Man:
I dont know about hyperspin, but with mala and joychoose, Im pretty sure that info comes from mame.xml.
They changed the way mame.xml was worded in that section a few years back, which threw joychoose for a loop. Controlchoose allowed a way to fix that, but Im pretty sure controlchoose or joychoose will not work with hyperspin. They are mala plugins.

If itís anything like screen rotation and other settings in Rocketlauncher, itís been my experience that you need to do the editing through the Rocketlauncher interface.  Edits wouldnít save unless I performed them through the program.

Thank you both for the quick responses, I appreciate your help!

I started reading through the Hyperlaunch AHK script and saw that it did a check for joystick orientation in the Mame.XML file, but I don't think that I have such a file. Is it standard with the mame installation? I saw some guides online about how to create the XML file, but I just haven't done so. Further more, I do use ~3 different emulators and I'd love for the servostiks to work for them all properly, so I'm hesitant to worry too much about this solution if it would only work for Mame. Is there a better way to control the servostiks reliably?

DaOld Man:
Once again, Im not sure about hyperspin, but with Mala and joychoose or controlchoose, you can select orientation based on mame game or emulator.


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