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So I found an older copy of 32 MAME, ver 216 (which was the newest 32bit version I could find) and the 32bit MAME FFB plugin works great there!  So the last thing I'm trying to fix is flycast and from the looks of it it's using the mame64 plugin so I guess I need to wait on a solution there.

edit; well, everything in MAME works in 32bit except Virtua Racing. You can feel the centering soften when Virtua Racing loads (in my experience this indicates that force feedback has hooked and should work) but nothing happens in game. Changed to UPRIGHT as indicated in the readme. Also tried other things in the service menu like other regions and screen types and cabinet types. Still nada. Updated the roms as well, still nothing. Although maybe I should try other roms again, if the comm board rom or whatever was updated at some point then maybe it wouldn't communicate with the plugin appropriately?

For Virtua Racing, I believe you need to go in service menu and change to 'Upright Cabinet'.

Read my full post, I did indeed try that.

I do have an update though since I got it working. Perhaps using the newest version of the FFB plugin was letting me down with the older MAME in Virtua Racing.  I did a little more digging and found that there's a fella still compiling new versions of mame for 32bit, you can find them here:

Updated to a newer version of mame32 (I think I grabbed .252) and along with the most current version of the MAME32 FFB Plugin Virtua Racing is working!  So, not the most direct solution but hey it all works now.  The last piece of the puzzle for me is Flycast, but if it's using only mame64 I don't think there's much hope for getting that going on my setup.

will this plugin work with gun4ir?

For those following the ffb plugin, there has been a fork to Boom's great plugin by a user MightyMike. His recent releases include ffb for Fast 'n Furious, FnF Drift, FnF Supercars.


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