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Author Topic: Star Wars in China Pretty cool video!  (Read 231 times)

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Star Wars in China Pretty cool video!
« on: June 04, 2018, 10:10:43 pm »
So I am not trying to debate anything... I just found this super interesting and I think it explains a lot. See a lot of Star Wars movies fail in China (actually all of them failed). And it traces back to what the Chinese held back in the 70s and 80's regarding western content. And of course the interesting world of knockoffs.

Video's 9:27
Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.


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Re: Star Wars in China Pretty cool video!
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2018, 07:30:10 pm »
Sorry, but China today... isnt China of the past.

 They are well informed,  and they also hate the radical  SJW / feminazi / gender politics.
They even made a joking term to describe it:  "Baizuo"  ,which supposedly translates to  "White Left".

 They like good films,  just like any other human being.   The problem today... is that the bar is set So-LO,
that its not worthy of wasting their hard earned Shekels on.  Word of mouth is a lot more powerful over there..
and while there is a good deal of State Sponsored brainwashing / shilling...  the state isnt going to shill for
Disney  (yet).

 The other problem... is that the western world has gotten too used to accepting low quality garbage.
Free money,  is often spend by the board youth... whom have little depth of experience.  They are woohed
by special effects... but do not know always recognize the emotional content, (or any other high quality
artform)  ...that they are missing out on.

 Then you have Corporations taking advantage of their fanbase... using nostalgia and love of the past...
to draw in the older fans,  as well as making new fans.   This has worked for some time... but eventually
is will... and actually HAS backfired on them.

 Its similar to the old Atari 2600 games.   You looked at the box art... often done by a high quality professional
illustrator / painter... and it gave your innocent mind... the idea that somehow... the game would be Far
superior to the previous bunch of let-downs.   Eventually,  you make the connection, to the games of deception.

(To the younger set:  Many Atari 2600 games back in the day... didnt always have screen-shots of the game
on them.  Just some fantastic looking painted artworks... )

 Starwars is Flopping here in the Western world now too.   The ma$$ media $hills... are doing everything they
can to try to spin numbers, and deflect,  as well as point the fingers of blame... everywhere... including on the
very Fanbase!  >_<

 There is a Huge backlash of Angered fans.. such as myself,  whom have decided to vote with our Pesos.
Until real positive changes happen... and the Awful and Toxic  SJW / Identity politics are removed... we
refuse to watch the films,  nor buy the Bluray/Dvd/merch.    The fan backlash is Huge.   You can find
video after video of fan after fan... spouting off about it...  and the comments sections ringing in agreeing
chorus.   Reeling in disappointment, anger, sadness, and disgust...  unlike anything ever seen before.

 This time,  we made a huge impact.   Solo was a box office Disaster.   It was especially egged on, by
the radical writers,  spewing their hate speech on to the fans.   That completely flipped all of those
chads whom were hanging on by a single thread of naive and false hope... into a Slamming Door.

 The many Shill article writers points are Laughable and Weak.  Easily seen through.  So fake, manipulative,
and toxic... as to be comically pathetic.   Their number game is always funny... as they try to spin
them, to suit a favorable form...  and of course,  are hiding the dirty truth,  in their filthy undergarments.

 One example of this... is the statement that Solo sold the most tickets on its first day,  than other films.
However,  it was also the worst sales figures for any SW film.  They first blamed the holiday?!   But the
next week came and went... and sales were about 10x worst than their constantly-overblown and
completely-wrong projections.

 Another thing these Shills dont sing about, regarding Sales Dollars:

1) Population growth, density, and free-spending money.

 - Today,  the world has gained all of this,  in mass scale.  Even the smallest raise in these... produces
a Massive positive sales effect... IF  you have something that people want to pay for...

 2) Pricing

 - Todays prices have gone up dramatically over the years.  Where one, it was like $7  to see a film at night,
now you may be paying about 12 to 15$.    Add to this  3D sales.. which could add 5$ more to the sale...
especially if its a true big-screen Imax theater.

 3) Cost -vs- Earnings

 - As per inflation.. and rising costs for both big-name actors,  as well as increased costs in every department..
including govt. fees, insurance, material costs, etc.. means far less profit potentials, as compared to the past.

 Lets put it this way... If they had did Starwars true justice,  in both the prequels and the sequels... they
should have done about 10x the sales that they ended up getting.   And now?   They are in dangerous
waters... as investing so heavily,  and ending up with a financial flop...  they could easily end up in the deep
red... potentially sealing the now Cancerous Lucas-Film studio + ILM,  into Chapter 11.

 The Chinese will pay to see a good film...  and they especially like good quality, attractive, actors/actresses.
They dont follow the so called politically correct, forced mechanisms.   There is even a theory, that Disney
intentionally inserted an Asian character into SW... merely to get the Chinese audiences more interested.  >_<
The Chinese are not Identity based Snowflakes,  however... and all it did was further tick them off.  Especially
considering... that the actor isnt actually Chinese.   Asians within their native lands, can be much more racially
divided, than what people want to accept and believe.

 There are some other factors too.   Such as how Crouching Tiger flopped over there.  The problem was when
the directors,  tried to get the actors to speak a dialect that was not natural to them.   It was so bad, as to
be comical and painful...  that the Chinese simply could not stand it,  and turned their noses up at it.

 I actually saw that film in a very small no-name artsy-snobby-theater... by weird chance.  It was so new,
that it was still english subbed,  and no english audio dub.   I went back,  and paid to see it like 3 more times.
(The original actors voices are far better than the English speaking dub vocalists).

 Anyway... while the video was interesting... its simply not valid,  after all of this time,  and all of China's
mega changes.    The only few points that are true,  is to do with them not being weak Fanboy groupies,
willing to pay to get kicked in the face... and then doing it 5 more times in a row... expecting a different

 There used to be:  "Too big to fail".   but that is all about to end...
The Rebels will not continue to Tolerate the Evils of the Empire.


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Re: Star Wars in China Pretty cool video!
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2018, 10:48:11 pm »
The Phantom Menace did only $4,100,273
And that had nothing of what you talked about old man. China doesn't like Star Wars because that isn't what they are used to at all. They grew up with Darth Vader riding a Triceratops.
Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.


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Re: Star Wars in China Pretty cool video!
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2018, 04:00:32 pm »

 The Prequels were Wretched.

 As for what they grew up with...  I highly doubt that most of them saw ANYTHING to do with Starwars...
as the majority back then, were most were likely too poor to be spending money on anything frivolous.

 Remember... that China had been literally Destroyed by Mao's  "Cultural Revolution"...   with something
like 60 million casualties in the process.

 It was only recently... that Mao's power and control was released...  and the Chinese were allowed and able to
have some freedoms, and individualized wealth potentials.

 China is a VERY different place today... than it was in the 80s, or earlier.

 Most people do not know about the Cultural Revolution.   I know of it,  because of the martial arts.  Mao had banned
all of the arts... from Combat, to weapons making... as well as traditional arts and crafts.   If you were caught doing
martial arts... your life was forfeit...   and likely,  they would take a few generations worth of family... just to make sure.

 Mao started Brainwashing children in the schools,  as early as age 3.  Similar to what North Korea does.  After a certain
amount of time... he told his 'children',  that they didnt have to listen to their teachers,  nor to their parents.  He radicalized
the youth...  and used them as his new army.

 The kids them went around destroying businesses and historical art works, beating and abusing others,
and falsely accusing each other of being Anti-Mao. (Virtue (Mao) Signaling)

 Mao would go on to roll troops of thousands of soldiers though China...  burning Temples,  Killing Martial Arts schools by
sheer mass swam numbers.   He even paid one specific martial arts group... to go around doing the task for him...
and likely,  eventually betrayed them as well.    The Shaolin you see today... is a Farce.  They had burned it down
years ago... and only recently,  the Govt. rebuild it,  and made it into a tourists attraction + watered down performance
based art.

 When China finally started to allow practice of the arts... most of the highest level practitioners had either been
slaughtered,  starved to death in the revolution process,  or fled out of China.  The Govt. then created a fake
martial art called Contemporary Wushu... which contains only the acrobatic spectrum of the Chinese arts...
and is basically just a Choreographed Performance Dance.  It lacks ALL of the combat drills, technology,

 Later,  China would realize... that a few Combat level teachers still existed..  and they still consider this a threat...
to some smaller degree.   So... they followed the Western route... and made some watered down / sportized arts...
such as Sanda / Sanshou.  (Basically... the Chinese brand of  "Kickboxing" )   Along with their own Propaganda
programming... and the already sad state that remains of the Combat level artists...  the Youth have largely
turned to MMA, Kickboxing,  and even the now  (sabotaged long ago)  watered down / sportized  "Karate".

 The art I studied most... was Wing Chun.   The teacher,  Yip Man...  didnt actually start teaching, until he was
very up in his age... and likely,  only due to his addiction to Opium... which he used to help alleviate Chronic Pain
from a back injury.   This was actually in Hong Kong... were things,  at that time... were more free than the
rest of China.  Even then... I believe many of the teachers of the arts... in this time period,  still felt threatened
by the Govt...  and usually trained in private / secret.

 Before Yip Man... the Combat art of Wing Chun,  was kept under-ground... for about 300 years.  I believe
that Yip Man was one of the first, to openly teach the art to the public.

 Sadly... most of the students and disciples... would never live up to Yipman's skills... let alone succeed him.
And worse... many have already began to Buy their knowledge,  and intentionally Infect it... Corrupting Key
knowledge and techniques... as well as outright removing certain things.   Very few have the drive to
come close to mastering the ancient combat arts these days anyway...  and its a real shame,  because
one day... someone of these kids will realize,  way too late... about what they Lost,  and will likely never
rediscover,  ever again.

 You can mock old age all you like.   One day,  soon enough... you too will be considered ancient... by the
toxic programming of the corrupt ma$$ media.  In places like the Philippines... they Greatly respect, and love, their elders...
and even in China... they dont ship off their elders to nursing homes to rot.  The children care for their parents, personally.
The parents also help raise their childs children...  and as for money... its often seen as "Shared".  Meaning... that if
you have a great business idea... then the entire family,  will combine resources, to realize it.

 With age,  often comes both experience,  and through this... Wisdom.

 Btw - Most of the Inflated numbers the Film industry Media-$hills spout off... are misleading and outright dishonest.
For example... they never tell you... that China, and many other countries... now have some disposable money... where as even
5 to 10 yrs back... it was far less the case.

 They dont tell you about Population growth.
 They dont factor in  Inflation
 They dont split 3D sales from 2D sales... and we all know... that 3D tickets cost much more money... especially Imax3D shows.

 Also... China today... is very connected.  Their youth are tech savvy, and they communicate well and on a scale that rivals
the west... even with their Govt's. internet "Policing".   They also still do not have the same freedom with their money as
western children... and as such... are less likely to "Waste" what little they do have... on something thats utter Garbage.

 Unlike the west... where kids will watch just about anything... even Knowing its going to be crap... just because they are
bored,  and or want to be included in the  "after-conversations".

 That is starting to change,  however... as the toxic creators spew hateful attacks on the very fanbase.
And as they change known established characters... into weak and pathetic, alternate versions,  on purpose.

 China is in fact, well aware,  of the Toxic Radicals.   They even have a joke of a nickname for them.


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