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Intellivision has got something new planned!

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Well the main problem (aside from the fact that they've yet to show an actual working product) is that it is intellivison in name only.   I mean I'm sure they will release the old roms to play and maybe even update a few, but what this thing has on it's release lineup is 5 to 10 year old mobile games.   I still don't understand how a modern gaming company doesn't get that if you release a new console, you have to make a decent amount of first party games to support it.   This is the exact same reason why the new atari failed.... decent enough console if it had some really good games on it, but it doesn't.  Honestly Nintendo seems to be the only company that understands.... you start working on a killer game before or at the same time as the console development.   

Maybe Soulja Boy bought them too-

It all makes sense now...

I think that what's more telling is the fact that the latest company to hold the atari name is so pathetic that they did sign him to a legit deal to promote their products.   


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