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Intellivision has got something new planned!

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May be hard to say really I think, as how many people now are willing to pay for so many flavors of A1Up nostalgia...?

I'm not arguing that the Intellivison or Atari thing is worth the dough for the enlightened, but if they are banking on how many people out there (now in their 50s and who had an original bitd) don't have the time, inclination, knowledge or fortitude to build a mame box or a MiSTer but still want to play some memories?

They'll catch a few fish with that lure- just not many out of this pond.

Those who weren't among the enlightened but then REALLY get it after owning one of those will wind up with a profile here eventually.

I know a lot of you guys here have been doing this for decades, but I was entirely clueless about this hobby until maybe 3-4 years ago now myself- and I LOVED my 2600 and pumped quarters into machines everywhere.

But that's the thing.... it's not nostalgia though.   They are billing these scams as modern consoles for brand new games.   The only nostalgia involved is the brand name and I hate to break it to you guys but Atari as we knew it hasn't been in business in decades and intellivision never made it out of the 80's.  Now if this were a more  casual crowd around here I could see it, but we all know better.   If you want to play games buy a real games console and certainly don't pay as much for some junk system as you would for a legit console.  If these were cheap I could see it but they aren't.  Don't misunderstand if you just want one that is ok, but you have to admit to yourself and everyone else that you are just buying it for the novelty of the thing.   

Arcade1up is a totally different animal btw.   Most normal people don't realize that cabs can be bought or built for around the same price as the arcade1up stuff if you know where to look because they are an industrial product that was never intended for private consumption.  Folks go on eBay, see the sky high prices of cabs...because eBay.... and think the a1up is the closest thing they can afford.  In other words people buy them out of ignorance. 


--- Quote from: Howard_Casto on July 28, 2021, 10:58:27 pm ---
--- Quote from: nitrogen_widget on July 28, 2021, 08:11:26 pm ---gamestop also has the atari VCS without controllers for $300.
it's got more potential.

--- End quote ---

Or you know, you could add another 50 to 100 dollars to that and buy an actual games console with actual games available for it.  Sometimes I don't understand why you guys want to make things more difficult than they are.   buy a switch, a ps4 or a xbox one.... hell buy a wii u, 360 or ps3.... you'll have way more games available and the experience is going to be so much better.   All those indie titles get released on real consoles as well people, which is why any third party console that specializes in low end games but still has a high price tag is redundant and stupid.

--- End quote ---

because i don't want a console.
I'm a PC guy.
I use steam.
the atari VCS is a PC.
regardless of what they call it.
you cannot get a ryzen mini PC with it's specs for less.

and, because it's a "failed console" I expect the price to drop even more by yr end.

That makes absolutely no sense man.... consoles and pcs are the same thing now only a console doesn't have all the bs that comes with pc setups but you do you.  Also these things aren't pcs either, they are consoles so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make .... that perhaps you can hack it an sorta kinda have a pc??

I will say I am curious to see what is under the hood of one of these things.

Can't imagine any of these companies are using anything but a minimum in hardware, pared down from what we are accustomed to trying to hotrod.
And probably with parts that aren't given to hotrodding easily.

How the chip fracas is impacting all this will be interesting to see also.

Didn't realize these were pitched as "new stuff in a familiar package" sorta thing either.
Not sure these guys are doing good market research or focus group work before they sink all this $$ into stuff.


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