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Intellivision has got something new planned!

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looks like it has more potential than the atari box..

They're banking on the Intellivision name to sell the system? Good luck with that.

My kids never heard of intellivision or colecovision.
I asked them.
They know atari 2600 but wern't sure about the 5200 or 7800.

Unfortunately If someone isn't making a video about gaming on it on youtube.....


looks like things are moving along

I've been following this since the initial announcement.  The original Intellivision was my first console BITD so I'm obviously biased.  But I'm less inclined to buy the Amico until they incorporate playing the original ROMS   and/or having updated versions of the original ROMS. 

All of the games that they've demo'd or shown game play of are just kind of meh to me.  The niche that they're going for is family gaming and I get that.  But most of the games look like iOS and Android games.  Farkle is a fun dice game but I'm not itching to play it on a console.  The AD&D game update looks interesting but it's not going to drive me to be an early adopter.  Astrosmash looks fun but just a hybrid of the original with SHMUP additions. 

Adding AI controlled opponents into updated ROMS of the original sports games, Sea Battle, etc would make me seriously consider getting it.  Until then....


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