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Arcade Jukebox 6 + 1GB of MP3's = lock up


I am running AJ6 Which worked great then I had 20 or 30 mp3 files. Now that I ripped a lot of my cd's to mp3
I currently have about 250 songs taking up about 1GB
of disk space When I run arcade jukebox I select a song and it will usually hang  without playing the song. It appears to be locked up I can't ctrl-alt-del . I have let it sit there and wait and it has started playing music  after about 6 or 8 minutes. Sometime it will work fine with no delay. I can play these mp3 files from winamp with no problems. Do I have too many mp3's for this program or is there some config issue I'm missing.

My configuration:
Intel  P3-850mhz
2 - 40gb ata100 with my mp3's on drive d.
256mb ram
Arcade Jukebox 6

Any help with this Problem would be appreciated
I really Love this Jukebox and it's a big part of my cab.


I was using version 5 with over 3 gigs of music, and it had no problems.  Haven't tried 6 yet...

*UPDATE* After trying various things to fix this including
setting my mp3 path to a dir that only had 1 or 2 files and it still locked up . I removed 1 of my Dimm modules to take the system down to 128mb and everything works great. I replaced the module and it performed flawlessly last night. Just another one of the hazzards of using scavenged computer parts.



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