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Congratulations Saint....

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I had no idea you were working on this Saint! But it made my day, I'll definitely be ordering one ;D


--- Quote from: Gamecab on February 03, 2004, 11:48:16 pm ---BTW - I'm going to buy 2 copies.  One for home, and the second will be on the desk of my day job and will be the reminder of where my spare time is best spent....
--- End quote ---

Hmmmmmm...maybe I'll do that too. ;D

Well, I already caught you last night as the news was breaking, but I thought I'd say congrats again.

I'm very proud to be at least a small part of the community that you built for the past 5 years (Under various names.. Intensify/Barcade/NipsMG).  I think what you've done here is amazing, and I'm ecstatic that this came about because of it.

I am definitely going to buy a copy.  :-)  If I send it to you will you autograph it for me? ;D

Congrats again!


teef two:
Well done saint for seeing a gap in the market and filling it. I'm sure this book will prove an extremely useful resource for so many people. I imagine that ,come Christmas time, your book will be in many an ageing teenagers' stocking!

Look forward to it's publication and will be ordering a copy as soon as it's available in the UK. I'll be sure to post a good write up for you on Amazon (unless it's a pile of cack! ;) )

Enjoy the run up to it's release and the well deserved holiday afterward.

Great idea Saint!

If it weren't for your contributions to this hobby, it wouldn't be what it is today.

Keep up the good work!  :)


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