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Congratulations Saint....

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The cover is just a mockup. The golden tone I believe is set in stone, and follows the theme of the other books inthe series. However, the front graphics and text are only there as placeholders until the real cover is ready.

--- saint

--- Quote from: GroovyTuesdaY on February 08, 2004, 09:54:08 pm ---Yes ,i will say congrats too :) I'm sure it will do well!  
My only question is, who the heck designed the cover???  I'm sorry, but couldn't something a little more colorful and arcade looking have been designed? Hell, im no graphic artist, but surely someone could have come up with something better then a golden cover.
I'm sure there are alot of people here in the forums who would have helped out with that one as there seems to be a TON of talented people here.   What does everyone else think about the cover?  Do you think it should be something more colorful?
Just my oppinion and hope not to offend anyone, but that was the first thing that popped into my mind when i saw the cover.  It just doesn't look like something that would catch my eye in a book store.

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Hmm,  what other books are in the series? I didn't realise i guess that this book was part of a series.   Its good that the picture isn't part of the real cover OYE, that would suck lol.  


Congrats Saint.  Without your site I never would have built my machine and lost all that time at work researching.  I'll be buying a copy as soon as it's released.

:P Formerly " Topic: Congratulations to The Saint (Our BYOAC Benefactor)  (Read 32 times) "


If this has already been discussed forgive me, but congrats on YOUR new project.  I hope you do have many happy returns.  Your site and the board have brought me alot of enjoyment and I am excited to read the book.  For those of you who missed his announcement, scroll down on the page and read for yourself.  Here is the link to the goods.

Best of luck!  1HookedSpaceCadet

--- Quote --- SNAAAKE:    Re:Congratulations to The Saint (Our BYOAC Benefactor)

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Wow ... this is really great news.

Don't know that I can add anything that hasn't already been said ...

I am proud to be involved with this hobby and the great group of guys that participate in the boards here at BYOAC - my guess is that none of this would be possible without the hard work of Saint.

Congrats, man. I hope you make a billion dollars, quit your day job, and spend all your free time taking this hobby to the "next" level - whatever that might be.  ;D



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