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Congratulations Saint....

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Just wanted to say thanks for this website, and congratulate you on your book project.

Hopo to get it as soon as it is published

Good Luck

I second that.  Are there a lot of plot twists?  Who doesn't love a good plot twist.  Hey, pack the book with a free BYOAC T-shirt, and it'll be on the Bestseller lists for sure!  Can't wait to get my hands on a copy so that I can finally figure out how to stop hacking my way through these projects!  ;D

Con - grat - u - lations!!!!


Congrats Saint!!!  This book is going to be a "Huge" hit and your hard work will be rewarded.  I think I should buy stock in Home Depot and a few other home stores around the release date.  I feel a shortage of MDF and 1 1/8 drill bits may be coming from the new batch of folks who are going to read the book and build a cabinet.

BTW - I'm going to buy 2 copies.  One for home, and the second will be on the desk of my day job and will be the reminder of where my spare time is best spent....

Good Luck and I hope to see a follow-up book.


Saint: Congrats!

When/Where can we pre-order? I want my P.A. book... now!  ;D

HURRAY FOR SAINT THE AUTHOR! Get your press release ready for EGM, Next Gen, Wired, TechTV.....

I'm really happy for you, it must be a bit like becoming a father. God knows that must have been an extraordinary amount of work. How great to not only become a published author, but to do so with a work that will be of such help and meaning to so MANY people.  Of course, you'll have wives and girlfriends the world over cursing your name!  ;)

Kudos and congrats!!  :) :) :) :)


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