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JukeboxFX Beta 0.05 Released

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JukeboxFX Bets 0.05 Released

- Major bug fix to the visualizations. Runs 100% better now.
- Added 3 additional visualizations
- Help section has been added.
- Many UI updates.
- ID3 tag editing improvements.

Download the latest version today.

Pretty spiffy Jiffy, although, out of curiousity, do you have an ETA for 640x480 Resolution Support on it, as well as with ArcadeFX... they both look to be beautiful programs and I love nice graphix on my Arcade cabinets which is why I was curious about VGA 640x480.  I know there was talk about it a while back either here or on your MSG board, so I was just wondering... Thanks much kindly.


I have not planned a 640 x 480 UI yet but it should not be too hard. Just need to make a few changes.


--- Quote ---
I will add 640 x 480 and see how much it increases the file size. If it is too big I will just make a new exe for it and have two download.
--- End quote ---

Huh?  I'm just curious, but why would it increase the file size?  Don't you just scale everything?

No, I don't scape the images. Raster images do not scale very well as compared to a vector format image.  Scaling a raster images makes it look like your image got hit with an ugly stick.  I don't own an ugly sitck.  

But is it not the size of the graphics that will increase the file size. It is the addition of the code/logic to resize the display and move UI objects around the screen for each resolution.


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