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First off,CONGRATSSaint it will have to be awsome!

Secondly, I WANT ONE!
I can't wait!!!

   ;) Grim

Gimme, gimme gimme, he he.

Well done SAINT u rule! If I was the queen I would give you a knighthood but as you have already been beatified I guess that would be sort of redundant, lol.

From a person whose life was also changed for the better by this hobby and this website (sounds kinda dumb I know, but it's true).

Congratulations Saint!

PS:  Make sure you take your wife and kids out to dinner regardless of whether the book nets you extra cash   ;D   they probably edserve it with 39hours/week plus a day time job.

Cant wait to buy my copy and have you autograph it... of course.



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