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CONGRATULATIONS! I think that is very cool! I hope everything goes great with it.


Thanks! :)  I hope everyone likes it.  Bit nerve wracking, unlike a web site I can't make any changes once it's published!

It may sound cliche, but I really couldn't have done it without a ton of support from many people. I'll try to name names here sometime.

That's really awesome.  I hope it does well!

And thanks again for this great website.  It's changed (ruined?) my life forever!

Anyone ever ask me how I know about arcades and stuff,Well I will just tell them to buy the book ! :D

Great idea! It will be nice to have all the basics in one book.  Help get people started and cover all the questions that have been asked a hundred times.

That will help free up the site for more design ideas and more creativity.

Good luck!


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