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Author Topic: Summary of PC MAME Setup with Attract Mode  (Read 1786 times)

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Summary of PC MAME Setup with Attract Mode
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:42:15 pm »
Setting up a win10 mame pc in an arcade cabinet took quite a bit of googling and reading threads.
Compiling steps I used here.

Set the PC to boot when AC power is applied to the computer:
--Enter BIOS
--Hold Shift while selecting Shutdown from Power menu.
--Restart computer while holding F2.
--Release F2 once BIOS message appears on Windows splash screen
--Use keyboard to navigate to Settings>Power Management>AC Recovery
--Select Radio button for Power On

Install the desired version of MAME:
--Download the desired version of MAME from MAMEDEV site, using a Binary file is quickest
--Install game files of choice in the Roms folder
--Access MAME and configure controls for games using the TAB key within game.

Install Attract-Mode Front End:
----Note- I found that newer MAME and games with CHDs didn' work with many of the existing popular Front Ends, but Attract Mode worked great.
--Make a folder inside the MAME folder called attractmode for the installation.
--Install AttractMode 32bit version (64bit version is buggy).
--Start Attract Mode, hit TAB, navigate to Configure>Emulators>mame
---Update the Executable entry to match where to find the mame.exe on your PC. ie c:\users\desktop\mame\mame.exe
---Update the Rom Path to match where to find the rom folder of your mame install. ie c:\users\desktop\mame\roms
---Update the marquee, snap and wheel paths to match where to find the same folders in the attractmode folder
---Run Generate Collection/Rom List
---Make sure the PC has internet access then run Scrape Artwork to get the marquee/snap/wheel art pulled down from online sources automatically
--Navigate to Configure>Controls
--Adjust at least these controls to run the attractmode game menu-  Back, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select
--Use Escape key on keyboard to exit AttractMode back to windows desktop
--Optional-Adjust the game list shown in the attract mode menu (navigate to attractmode folder>romlists)
Edit the mame.xml with notepad++ and delete any row you don't want to appear in the menu.
--Note- Games with CHDs will create bogus entries for the game menu so simply delete the entry from the xml file

Set the PC to boot directly to AttractMode:
--Hit the Windows key and R to get the Run window to appear
--Type shell:startup , hit OK
--Right click and drag the attractmode exe to the window, choose to "make a shortcut here"
--Note- to confirm you have the exe in the startup folder, right click the taskbar>Task Manager>Startup tab> Confirm attractmode is listed.

Electrical considerations:
--For arcade cabinet, I wired a light switch to one side of a power cord, then ran the wiring to a normal electrical outlet box inside the machine.
--Then I plugged a power strip into the outlet, which allows for multiple connections like the pc, the monitor and speaker power plugs.

Windows Shutdown considerations:
--To gracefully shutdown the PC and avoid profile error messages upon the next boot up.
--I ran wires from the power button pcb on the PC to an arcade pushbutton, per online suggestions.
--This lets you tap the button to shutdown the PC BEFORE turning off AC power to the cabinet.
--It also lets you reboot the PC for troubleshooting or lock-ups.

I setup my cabinet for trackball and buttons only.
Running MAME184, the following games were selected.  Open to more trackball suggestions, too, please and thank you.
Revenge of Doh
Atari Football
Blades of Steel Hockey (E and L versions)
Crystal Castles
Golden Tee 98-06 complete
Major Havoc
Marble Madness
Missile Command
Off the Wall (the Atari breakout style game)
Simpsons Bowling
Super Breakout
Tehkan World Cup Soccer
World Class Bowling

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