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OK, now I know it's not really arcade related, but...
Has anyone used a program called PCDJ Red (or Blue)? If so, you know it works with the keyboard or a special ($300) controller called the DMC-1.
Now, after successfully building my own joystick, I was thinking of building a controller for this PCDJ Red using a keyboard hack or an encoder.
The only problem is, the software is hard coded to use certian keys for certian functions (play = f2, rev = f3, etc). Could I still use an encoder?

Any thoughts, ideas?


I have not used PCDJ but I have a Mixman DM2 connected to my cabinet. I had it before I had my cabinet completed and it is great. It is not for mixing MP3 it still will lay down the phat tracks at your house party.  Connected to the arcade cabinet is a very nice feature.

Here is a link to the DM2 if you have not seen it before.

Here is a question for you Billabong.  If I was to add the abiltiy to mix mp3s inside JukeboxFX what features would you consider a must. Here is my list.  Let me know if I am missing anything.

2 channels(MP3 1 and MP3 2)
This would be for each channel:
- Volume
- Pitch
- Position
- Pan (Right and Left)
- Loop
- Crossfader

What else would be needed?

Hey ArcadeFX,

You could probably loose the PAN feature. I'm looking at PCDJ right now, and it's not there. For position, you would want a FWD and REV button, and a progress bar where you could just point and click and it would go to that point in the song.
All the rest, you hit on the head. You would also (obviously) need a place for the track list. There is only one master track list, and you drag what you want to play to each player.
Also, the ability to select either a CD-ROM drive (audio) as a source, or the LINE-IN from the sound card.
And, if you want to get fancy, add support for 4-channel output. Deck 1 to Front and Deck 2 to Rear, for example. Probably easier than 2 sound card support.

Go to to download the free PCDJ Silver player for more ideas.

I have seen the Mixman, and it would be perfect, if it could only do MP3s. I would have to expand all of my MP3s back to WAV, and that ain't happening!

Hey, if you could make it controlled by the joystick port, let me know, cause I'm use to hacking that port over the keys. :)


Here is what I plan to add in the first release.

2 channels(MP3 1 and MP3 2)
This would be for each channel:
- Volume


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